The Hahn family were among the original settlers to the Barossa Valley and were heavily
involved with grape growing since 1845. Maria and Johann Christian Hahn arrived in the Barossa
Valley in 1845, and like many early Barossa settlers were of Silesian-German descent. Early
settlers staked out the best of the valley’s farmland, and Maria and Johann chose a premium
block for their vineyard, which remained in Hahn family hands until recently. The JJ Hahn brand
was created in 1997 as a joint venture between sixth generation Barossans, James and Jacqui
Hahn, and Rolf Binder. Today Rolf is still co-owner with a notable wine merchant based in
Victoria, and has retained the management of the vineyard and the making of the wines.
Crops are low but do vary from 1.5 to 3 tonnes per acre depending on the vintage and how the
vines themselves deliver the crop. Rolf normally asks for two pickings about five days apart as he
believes this gives a greater range of complexity in the final wines. Wines are only made during
the best vintages, giving the JJ Hahn label a well deserved reputation for quality.